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The Professional Touch

Hand Industrial, Inc. is a machine fabricator and certified welding company located in Amarillo, TX that takes care of mass producing parts for food processing companies throughout the area. Our combination of experience, certifiable skill and cutting-edge technology is what distinguishes Hand Industrial, Inc. as the company to trust.

Fiber Optic Laser Technology

We are the only company in the area with the state-of-the-art machine, “AMADA ENSIS Fiber Optic Laser”, which is considered the best laser cutter in the world. In addition to its precise cutting capabilities, the AMADA ENSIS Fiber Optic Laser allows us to laser-etch part numbers for a more professional look. The advanced fiber optic technology guarantees the work is oxide and burr free, no grinding, and each part has a finished edge when cut. It is interruption free, quick, and produces high-quality results.

Why Fiber Optic Technology?

We want to be able to offer the best of what’s out there when choosing a machine that will take us into the future. This technology allows us to cut sheets as large as 5’x10’ in any pattern with three-times more speed than CO2 lasers.

Fiber optics is also clean, energy efficient and cost-effective, which makes Hand Industrial, Inc. an extremely competitive company for product quality, precision, and turnaround. Aside from AMADA ENSIS, we have increased our inventory of Aluminium, Stainless and Carbon Steel in varying thickness to help increase production even more!

Programming Options

We have an onsite programmer that has the 2D and 3D modeling capabilities to design, assemble and brings parts to life from start to finish. Do you have drawings already composed? We support most 2D and 3D files to upload and cut quickly.

Our Certified Welding Capabilities Include

+ Stainless Steel
+ Aluminum
+ Mig
+ Tig
+ Stick
+ Flux Core,
+ ”R” Stamp Pressure Vessels

Fabrication Services

+ Commercial & Industrial Piping
+ OSHA Approved Catwalks
+ Structural
+ Conveyor Systems
+ CNC Plasma Cutting
+ Brake up to 12’ @ ½”
+ Shear up to 10’ @ ½”
+ Roll up to 10’@ ¼” or up to 5’@ ½”
+ Hydraulic repair division for pumps, motors, cylinders, hoses, and valves

Machine, Fabrication, and Mechanic Shop

Within our machine shop, we have lathes, vertical mills, drill presses and a CNC mill. We also have two breaks, shares, and rolls on our fabrication side. Our technology capabilities can accommodate sheet metal 10 to 12 feet in length and up to 1 inch thick.

Hand Industrial, Inc. has a complete fabrication shop including a 250 ton CNC brake, mechanical shear & roll. Hand Industrial, Inc. specializes in the design and fabrication of conveyors, catwalks, process piping, and many other mechanical systems.

Our mechanic’s shop rebuilds cylinders, hydraulic, air, gearboxes, and pumps. Within our facility is a full hydraulic shop with hoses that are up to two inches.

For more information about our services and capabilities contact us by calling (806) 345-3131 today.

Hand Industrial Inc.

Hand Industrial, Inc.
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